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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a natural spiritual path that leads to a direct revelation and connection with creation. Shamanic practice gives you the tools to enter the spirit world yourself and discover your own power. Shamanism has been practised by many ancient civilisations and countless native traditions.

Shamanism crosses cultural boundaries and is practiced in every continent of the world. Historically, there has been little physical contact between shamans in many parts of the world. Yet researchers have repeatedly discovered that the practices of shamanism are very similar everywhere.

Shamanism has no scriptures or dogma. It does not require you to worship God or answer to any outside authority. Shamanism is concerned with what goes on beneath the surface of all things. It is about exploring the natural flow of creation, your inner nature and your behaviour.

Shamanism is about becoming a true human and realising your full potential on planet earth. Shamanism allows you to develop a relationship with the spiritual forces in your life and to develop trust in the wisdom, insight, and healing energy you receive.

Who is a Shaman?

The word ‘shaman’ is an Evenki word from Siberia. A shaman is one who sees or penetrates to the source of anything and everything. The shamanic journey is the art of using rhythm and intention to connect with the spiritual dimension of reality through entering altered states of consciousness.

Shamans learn from nature as their great teacher. They are concerned with the natural flow of life and being respectful towards Mother Nature and humanity.

Shamans remember and use powerful techniques that transcend everyday laws of nature. A shaman enters the field of universal love and oneness to heal, psychically divine, receive ancient spiritual knowledge, and transcend physical limitations.

There are many names for shamans across the world. These include sorcerer, healer, curandero, medicine man/woman, and shamanic priest. Shamans inherit their role in many ways and both men and women function as shamans for their communities.

It often takes many years of rigorous apprenticeship to become a shaman. There are many tests and initiations along the way. Not all who begin their training succeed at becoming a shaman and some may die in the process.

Many shamans are high functioning people who are highly respected by their communities. They often work in the capacity of advisors, consultants, healers and forecasters. Shamans enter altered states to perform a variety of functions including healing, leading ceremonies, creating art, dancing, and chanting.

Shamans know where to access power and information from nature. Shamans interact with plants, animals, the elements, and the spirit world. They intuitively divine ‘power spots’ and know where to find helpful healing herbs. Shamans are excellent problem solvers, diagnosticians, psychologists, storytellers, healers and teachers.

Shamans are essential for our society and culture. Humanity may not have survived without the presence of shamans who had many skills that were critical for the survival of their tribes and communities. Shamans also predict the weather and knew how to combine plants for medicines and psychedelic journeying.

Shamanic Practitioners

Shamans of different areas of the world travel extensively to share their knowledge with people who live in urban areas. Many talented people are adopting the shamanic nature-based world view.  Some have learned a vast amount about healing, deeply connecting with nature, and shamanic ritual practices.

Shamanic practitioners are skilled healers and teachers from non-indigenous populations. Some shamanic practitioners, such as Carlos Castaneda and Michael Harner, have travelled to remote locations in order to research, live, and apprentice with master shamans.

Shamanism is something you feel drawn to or have a heartfelt connection with. It is about the power to be you and to live the way you would like to live and feel connected to something greater than yourself.

Many natural items are commonly used in shamanic practices. These include feathers and wings to direct energy, smudge sticks for cleansing the aura, and pipes for ceremonial smoking. Also, drums are used to journey and dance, jewellery and stones are programmed for specific purposes, and dream catchers are hung above the head for filtering and remembering dreams.

Shamanic Ceremonies

Many ceremonies have existed for generations and are performed repeatedly. This invites the power and intention of previous ceremonies to return.

You evolve at all levels of your being by engaging in authentic shamanic practices. Many ceremonies of the Native Americans can help you to improve yourself. If you pray in a ceremony to be more courageous then this may draw in situations to you that will force you to overcome fear and be more courageous.

You can follow traditional ceremonies or create your own. In either case it is important to have positive focus and intention before, during, and after the ceremony. Using ceremony can bring opportunities for change and ceremony will signal to the spirit world that you are ready for something new.

During a ceremony it is wise to focus on three or fewer issues in your life. Prayers are often answered in unexpected ways. In a sweat lodge you may pray for 12 different things then a signal is sent to the universe for 12 impactful events to manifest for your learning and development. This can lead to a very intense and often painful learning process.

Many ancient ceremonies were given to shamans in visions. Their visions often contained precise details of how to perform every aspect of a particular ceremony. A ceremony performed exactly as described by spirit carries much power and blessings for the people, plants, animals and the land.

Shamanism is as natural and as magical as you believe it to be. Your natural and artificial environments are a big reflection of who you are. All the information you need is around you. Look within and see that your inner experience reflects your outer experience.


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