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Why Energy Healing Is a Therapy No One Talks about

As we’re growing up, we’re inevitably imbued with preconceived notions – one of them being how we should address sickness and healing. We’re taught that going to the hospital and having a doctor see us, is the way to go in order to get better.

We’re taught that alternative healing methods – like energy healing – are rather suited to prevention than to permanent relief.

While completely doing away with traditional medicine is not the way to go either, there’s a great need for rethinking the approach towards tending to our health.

But how can we do that when we don’t know the full range of options, When we’re not offered the entire spectrum of information to choose from?

Let me help you find these answers, as well as the key to a love-driven existence.

Why Is There a Divide between Allopathy and Homeopathy?

The root of the problem lies in the long-cultivated divide between conventional and alternative medicine.

The difference is, in fact, the distinct philosophies backing these two domains.

On the one hand, allopathy seeks to eliminate disease by fighting the precise element that has caused a condition.

On the other hand, the homeopathic principles state that we should eliminate maladies by employing a whole-body approach while treating most symptoms as manifestations of the way the body heals itself.

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Why Is Alternative Medicine Not Given Full Credit?

Employing homeopathy has almost become an act of anarchy. when it’s actually just about seeking the self-healing powers within oneself.

As opposed to medical praxis, these powers cannot be confined and rendered in a system. Which means they’re harder to manage. Their results are hard to track and research in a classical framework. That’s why medical practitioners don’t usually recommend you going full out on the alternative path.

I am ready to enrich your knowledge with the exact information regular practitioners refrain from recommending.

Energy healing is a holistic method which activates all energy systems within an organism. Its effectiveness lies in the way it disposes of energy blocks caused by unresolved issues.

This way, it triggers the self-healing powers of the human body, which unlocks an entirely new range of healing possibilities.

Energy Healing Is a Form of Advanced Medicine

Efforts to redesign the way we understand health and wellness concepts have materialized in a new tendency called “advanced medicine”.

What it seeks to achieve is a new way of regarding the deep correlations between body and spirit. With this new approach, energy healing – among others – will no longer be viewed as an experimental attempt to mend our health problems and general state of wellness.

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The takeaway and – I hope – the answer to why energy cures are not something a doctor would prescribe, is this:

Energy healing is too powerful to be acknowledged as such. If this were the case, Western medicine would need to reconsider its principles to the core.

That said, you can seek to develop your own mindset when it comes to looking after your health. With my carefully thought guided meditation, you can access the transformative power of the energy healing upon your being.