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Why Is Your Heart Frequency SO Important During These Times Of Massive Consciousness Expansion

In this video Jerry explains why its so so important to stay in your heart and love unconditionally through these exciting times of consciousness expansion. There is a battle being fought behind the scenes for the right passage of your soul.

Who will take control?


Or something else?

When you remember how to live from your heart, you will elevate your vibration to extraordinary levels, expand your consciousness and shift your frequency right now into a state of expanded divinity. You will know who you are and live in a state of elevated awareness. From this space you will see and feel and know the truth. You are incredible and you deserve to live a powerful and fulfilling life, at a level beyond extraordinary and your vibration is mission critical to ensuring this happens.Please remember to share with your friends and loved one.


Are YOU ready to transform your world?

Are YOU ready to discover the power that lies within YOU?

‘It’s for those brave souls that are ready to explore what lies inside of them, way down deep within the labyrinth of their infinite minds and the depths of their Cosmic Hearts’ ~Jerry Sargeant

Always pushing the boundaries and expanding…

Star Magic merges the science of subtle energy and quantum physics with the incredible power of active imagination and focused intent to produce physical and verifiable effects. Expand your skill-sets in conscious living and be the change you want to see in this world. Star Magic Healing really is the Ultimate Healing Weapon and the Number One Ascension Tool.

The Star Magic Facilitator Training is about accessing a state of transformation, effective empowerment and infinite possibilities, utilising the extremely playful and life-changing Soul Technology known as Star Magic®. Human Beings learn to reliably and consistently move into the field of the heart, or torsion fields of the heart to access the Universal Field of Soul Technology known as the Inverted Field or Source Energy, the place of Infinite Possibility. From this point of intuitive awareness, all methods of Star Magic are easily accessible and provide for instantaneous and life-long changes, in all aspects of reality. You will remember how to co-create your own reality and the realities of others instantaneously, by harnessing the extra-terrestrial and off planet light frequencies that Star Magic makes available.

Star Magic is a journey containing basic, intermediate and advanced light energy healing abilities. During the five day training Jerry and the Star Magic Facilitation Team will take you on a journey that equips you with every skill necessary to heal at the different levels or AP’s (Areas of Potential). You will let go of everything logical and remember your deep intuitive skill-set.

You will remember and know the truth.

It’s time to activate your soul memory and be re-born as a Star Seed here on Planet Earth.
Watch, enjoy and share with your friends family and loved ones.

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