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Why You Should Always Choose Yourself

Choose yourself when your boss doesn’t appreciate you and your job is no longer fulfilling and meaningful.

Pick yourself when your partner takes you for granted and makes you feel small and unimportant.

Choose yourself when your friends only call you when they need a favour or because everybody else is busy.

Always choose yourself.

Why? You’ll get your answer by reading the following lines. I hope these words will offer you a new perspective and help you understand that putting yourself first is NOT a selfish thing to do.

In fact, it’s the only way to make the most out of everything the world has to offer and thrive.

Your Opinion of You Is the Only One That Truly Matters

Some people will try to project their frustrations or their dreams on you.

Steering your life based on what other people think you should do is only going to make you doubt your self-worth and lead to an emotional imbalance.

always choose yourself

You can’t live your life to merely please others. Placing too much value on someone else’s judgments or reactions leaves you vulnerable to manipulation.

It can make you feel like you have to ignore that inner voice and deform your system of beliefs just to get validation from others.

It’s essential to remember that we all have our own lives to live. We are all connected through love, but we all have a unique path and purpose which we are meant to fulfil.

Self-fulfilment is gained through self-worth, so stay true to your authentic self and always choose yourself. Because you are enough.

You Are Responsible for Your Own Happiness, so Always Choose Yourself

It happens all the time: people enter relationships and promise to make each other happy.

And the second something bad happens, they begin to blame each other, and love is replaced by resentment and even hate.

That happens because people forget they can’t depend on others for their own happiness.

Friends, partners, relatives, they all make life more beautiful and more substantial. But they are not responsible for your happiness.

You are. And once you are ready to assume responsibility, your perspective will change. You will learn to selflessly love others, without expecting anything in return.

You will be ready to give and experience pure love. This way, you can enjoy someone’s company and love them with all your heart, but not be afraid of them leaving you.

That is because you’ll know that they don’t have the key to your happiness. This will make you experience a new level of freedom and peace.

always choose yourself

You Can Only Be Sure of You and Your Feelings

Choosing yourself starts with knowing yourself, getting to the raw essence of who you really are at a cellular level.

We can spend an entire life with someone we love and still cannot be 100% sure of what they are thinking or feeling.

But you can get in tune with your true self. Through the powerful practice of meditation, you become aware of the energies which govern your deepest self.

You will discover your true inner vibrancy and experience its marvellous intensity and infinite wisdom.

Once you find clarity when it comes to your thoughts and feelings, you will also be able to express them to others more eloquently.

In turn, this leads to happier, more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

What I Hope You Take Away from This Article

It’s not easy to make yourself a priority, I know.

But whenever you are struggling, I hope you will remember that if you always choose yourself, you can make decisions which best serve you and the loved ones around you.

If you want to lead a truly amazing and abundant life, love yourself. It’s as simple as that!

I love you with my heart, with my soul, with every fibre of my entire being. Together we can make this world a much more harmonious place.