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Will The World RETURN to NORMAL After This Global Pandemic? (Jerry Sargeant) Wake UP!

Will the world return to normal after this Global Pandemic? Once the Coronavirus has been washed from our shores, will we go back to the way it was? Is it not time for humanity to wake up and change? Is this not a beautiful opportunity to create a new world? Are you ready to embrace this massive opportunity to create a new world? Consciousness is rising and the world is changing for the better. It may seem a little chaotic right now but we can change our perspective and see the magic in what is unfolding. The system must change and the system is changing. Life on Earth will never be the same… for the Better!

I’m Jerry Sargeant and I am on a mission to change human consciousness on this planet, kick start your inner awakening and raise the vibration, so we, as sisters and brothers can live in a more harmonious experience. When you change your consciousness, you can change your energy and in doing so, thrive amongst the chaos, until chaos completely dissolves because of the planets and our human families’ vibration, sky-rockets. If you want to know how to activate your DNA or Pineal Gland, heal yourself or others, meditate, or are searching for wisdom to elevate your life, then this channel is for you. Remember to share with your friends and loved ones.

One Love. One Heart. One Human Family.


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