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I’m in the Wrong Dimension – Help Me, I Don’t Know Which Extraterrestrials to Trust

How are you feeling right now Beautiful Soul?
I receive messages every day from confused sisters and brothers, unsure of whether to trust messages they are receiving from angels, fairies, extraterrestrials or other mythical beings. People ask which dimension am I in? People are feeling pain because they believe they are trapped in the wrong dimension.
Who or what can they trust?
How do you know what dimension you are connecting to when you meditate, travel, journey? How do you know what dimension the beings you are connecting to, are in?
How can I work towards moving into the ‘right’ dimension? I get this questions a lot.
With so much information and people and beings offering different transmissions, combined with the analytical, rational side of our brains, it becomes a bewildering experience to try to navigate this information to find the truth.
So I created this video for you.
I have the answer that you seek. And you may be surprised by its simplicity….
Watch the video now, and like and share!


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